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All About That Voice, Bout That Voice

In the beginning, there was only my voice. In all honesty, that's where this journey to starting my own voiceover business began...with my voice. I know that sounds like an oversimplification as well as stating the obvious,'s true. I have done voiceover and voice acting here and there in drips and drabs over 25 years, always in professional studios and media company 'whisper rooms' under the direction of some pretty cool project directors and sound engineers with all of their fancy equipment and one trillion knob thingamabobbers to enhance my voice and make it all sound amazing and professional. But the thing - the ONLY thing - that I could bring to the table was my voice (and okay, some acting chops). I never thought in a million years that one day I would be able to step back from my chosen 28 year career in fitness and do a serious pivot into pursuing a career in voiceover and voice acting...after 50. Why, yes, I am insane..thanks for asking.

While I won't go into the nitty gritty details in my first ever blog post on my first ever VO business website, I will say that both the pursuit of doing something that I have always loved and the long-ish journey that it's taken me to get here/today/this minute most likely may have never happened if it weren't for the pandemic-which-shall-remain-nameless coming out of nowhere and altering the lives of just about everyone on the planet. Even though I had already started down the very long and winding path of immersing myself in a new career, I think I may have given up when I realized how much time it was going to take me to get back in the game. Like, a long, LONG time. Enter The Villian...and suddenly, time was no longer a problem. So, in a way, I am thankful for the gift of time that came unexpectedly. It is definitely the silver lining in a very dark and terrible cloud. I spent the first few weeks of the lockdown like a lot of other people: in shock, sleeping to cope, and scared poopless. But after the shock wore off, I realized that I now had time to devote to studying, training, researching, and praying about my new adventure. Fast forward, and here I am launching my new business, and actually, back to being scared poopless...but that's another subject for another blog on another day.

So, I'll say a big thank you to you for reading all the way to the end (really - thank you!), and I'll end this paragraph like I started it...

In the beginning, there was only my voice. And everything else is a work in progress.

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1 Comment

Jul 14, 2021

Sending you all the best in your new venture! I know you will be a huge success. Love and miss you xoxox

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